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Greetings, kindred spirit! I am Maximiliano Ricco Silvero, a seeker of truth born under the Argentinean skies, with an insatiable curiosity for the enigmatic dance of life. In my current cosmic escapade, I participate in the daily ritual of mindfulness, combining dreams with love and a dash of fantasy.

I entered the enchanting realm of RECORDARTEBCN, an endeavor that, through its financial magic, affords me the luxury of time to immerse myself in personal projects. Together, we traverse the cosmic highway of Life, a constantly evolving journey guided by shared affection and dreams.

Now, let’s turn back the celestial clock to 1998, a whimsical morning stroll through the sunny streets of Barcelona. Imagine this: more than 500 vinyl records scattered like forgotten treasures. Thus began my self-taught odyssey, giving new life to discarded relics, transforming them into handmade wall clocks that now adorn walls with artistic charm.

After traveling 10 countries, my artistic sojourn found its refuge in Barcelona, nestled in the Association of Artisans of Palau de Mar.

Each piece you encounter is a testament to my love affair with art: conscious strokes driven by creativity and crafted with the finest materials. It’s not just art; it’s a sustainable dance with the environment.

So, dear friend, this is my heartfelt wish: May our lives be adorned with laughter, creativity and the sweet serenade of joy!

Let’s raise a glass to celebrate the wonderful life that exists in only one place, the here and now!

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